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Department of Computer Engineering - Biruni Üniversitesi

Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering

    The goal of the Department of Computer Engineering is to produce engineers who are able to effectively use the theoretical and applied knowledge in the fields of computer systems, computer networks, computer image processing, data mining, artificial intelligence and robotics, bioinformatics, software modeling and analysis, computer software and hardware. The students are also educated to be able to follow the developments in the world and to become experts and leaders in research, development and production in industry and research institutions.

    The duration of undergraduate education in the Computer Engineering Department is 4 years. In the first two years, mainly basic engineering and basic computer engineering courses take place. During next two years, technical elective courses were introduced in order to enable students to be directed to software or hardware subjects or different fields of computer engineering, apart from the mandatory courses. There are also additional non-technical elective courses that may be useful for computer engineers. Considering that the graduates work in different fields of computer engineering, the importance of the right choice to be made in technical elective courses will be understood better. The education cost of the students; consist of computer, hardware parts and consumables, books and stationery expenses.

    Students who are successful at the end of undergraduate education are awarded a “Computer Engineer” diploma. The graduates can take roles such as system analyst, application programmer, director of data processing centers, founder and executive engineer, database manager, research and development engineer in the design and implementation of computer aided industrial systems. In addition, they can become lecturers at universities and contribute to education and training while progressing academically, and have the chance for scientific studies and research.


    By mastering the disciplines of computer science, to specialize in project analysis, design and development processes from an idea point to the level of concrete work, to be able to analyze the present with the past and design the future, to be able to see and model life with an innovative and futuristic perspective, to think analytically. To gain experience in artificial intelligence tools and methods that can implement fully autonomous systems with data science that can effectively use today’s big data phenomenon, internalize engineering-specific perspective and synthesis capability; To be prone to multidisciplinary work that can produce informatics projects with stakeholders in different fields, especially medicine, to focus their professional achievements on specialization in these areas by exploring personal sub-areas of social life in computer sciences. To acquire qualifications specific to leadership and entrepreneurship.